Legs, Legs, Legs

Hi Susan…

My question for Style Friday concerns nylons, otherwise know as pantyhose. God I hate them. And I really don’t like to wear them at all in the summer. For something that provides so little warmth in the winter, it generates so much heat in the summer. In the winter, I am confused. If my skirt is relatively dark (say a charcoal flannel with a cute pinky velvety trim) and hits just above the knee and I am wearing it with black boots. Dark hose? Nude hose? I do want to avoid glowing knee syndrome but I don’t know about the dark hose. I’m not sure I want to go all the way to an opaque tights look. That seems to call for ballet flats. Without boots, I suppose I should go with nude hose right? I seem to be in a skirt mode these days.

Have a great day!


Doesn’t Jenny’s skirt sound lovely? I wonder where she got it . . . . Oh, wait, that wasn’t the point. Let’s talk about nylons.

I hate pantyhose. I think Jenny is just right–they’re hot in the summer and cold in the winter and they only rarely actually MATCH anyone’s skin tone. Fortunately, Jenny’s not asking about what to wear in the summer, because I’m all about bare legs, which are against some workplace rules. For winter, though, I think there are two options.

Option number one is tights. Tights are good with boots, really, although I can understand Jenny’s hesitation. Tights LOOK warm (they ARE warm, really) and with temperatures still shooting into the MID-EIGHTIES here in Oklahoma, we’re not so much worried about keeping warm. With a dark skirt and dark boots, Jenny could wear tights the same color as her boots; this will give her a nice long line and dodge “glowing knee syndrome” (note to self: steal that! so funny!).Tightsts are a slightly more casual look as well, so think about how dressed up you want to be at work. Or wherever.

Option number two is opaque hose, something lighter weight than actual TIGHTS but NOT sheer or light colored. I’m always a little hesitant about very lightweight hosiery with boots, because it can throw an outfit out of balance. Boots are fairly substantial footwear, and to put a really light pair of hose between them and the hem of your skirt, even a DARK pair of hose, can draw attention to your knees. So I’m not totally sold on this option. I think tights are the better choice with the boots.

If Jenny wants to wear the cute skirt with something other than boots, she has THREE options (how exciting!). She can wear tights, although she should opt for a FLAT shoe with tights (they’re just not as dressy as hose, you know). Her tights should be (say it with me now) the SAME color as EITHER her shoes OR her skirt, for the long leg line. Option two is a pair of opaque hosepreferablyly the same color as her shoes (for the long leg line) and a shoe with some sort of heel. Finally, Jenny can wear sheer hose (again, with a heel of some sort) AS LONG AS they are a REALLY good match for the natural color of her skin. Who’s old enough to remember “Suntan” colored pantyhose? Ick.

If Jenny absolutely wants to go with panty hose, opaque or skin-colored, DO NOT buy some cheap brand from the grocery. Buy some nice pantyhose. And here’s where I get stuck–for years, I bought wonderful panty hose from Casual Corner. I am INCREDIBLY pale and their “Champagne” color totally matches my pasty skin. Plus, they’re control top and very lightweight and silky. I almost never wear them any more, but I own maybe ten pairs, in sheer and black, most of which have never been out of the package (I had a run of about three years where I was CONSTANTLY going to someone’s wedding, and ALWAYS needed extra pantyhose).

But when I went to find you all a link so you could see what I’m talking about, I learned that Casual Corner has GONE OUT OF BUSINESS. Sheesh. So I don’t really have any suggestions about what KIND of pantyhose you might want to buy, although I’ve heard great things about the Spanx line. (You might want to cover your children’s eyes before you click that link, because oh my!)

So: tights yes, pantyhose, maybe. I hope that helps! Because I’m all about helping.


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