Let’s Talk About Pants

How long should one wear pants that are NOT long, ie. 7/8 or 3/4 or whatever. I once saw Trinny and Susannah on Oprah saying no one should ever wear 3/4 pants but they aren’t mothers with 2 kids, or maybe they are, but they aren’t me!!

So how do you work out the right length and width of pants that are long pants? Like gauchos etc. This question matters because I’m short and not stick thin, and don’t want to accentuate either of these issues.

I’m still dreaming of your green sparkly shoes….so good…and dreaming of the day Nordstrom, Jcrew and co all ship to Australia.


I remember that Oprah (I’m a little embarassed to admit that) and while I generally think Trinny and Susannah are the bomb, I have to disagree about cropped pants. It’s easy to say NO CAPRIS (and NO SHORTS) when you live in the UK, but for those of us living in places where summer is HOT and our kids want to go OUTSIDE, pants all the time aren’t really an option. Also, I seem to recall that Trinny was really pushing the dress-over-pants look just then, which I just think is goofy.

The secret to cropped pants is to chose a shape that creates a balanced line. Skinny cropped pants are tough to wear because most of us are wider at the hip than we are at the ankles, and very narrow cropped pants emphasize this. A wider leg creates a fluid line from hip to ankle, even in a cropped pant.

The shortest lengths, which are only slightly longer than Bermuda shorts, are the most casual and are the most appropriate with a fitted tee (chose one that covers your stomach COMPLETELY, please) and a pair of cute flat sandals, which would totally work for Nicole, as it’s summer where she lives. For more wintery weather, shorter gauchos can be paired with knee-high boots and a sweater or cropped jacket; be sure, though, that your pants cover the tops of your boots, even when you’re sitting down. Exposed tights look sloppy, not stylish.

I am partial to a longer cropped pant, something that hits just below mid-calf; I think this length is the most flattering for everyone. Nic could wear these with boots OR heels OR flats; because they have a wider leg, they will not create the ice-cream-cone look that one gets with tapered capris. These are, hands down, my favorites.


One response to “Let’s Talk About Pants

  1. Agree completely on the Trinny and Susannah comment. I personally think they have some old fashioned ideas about what women should wear. When it’s hot I want comfort and if I feel comfortable in a capri than I don’t care about fashion. When you’re comfortable you’re happy and feel good, if you feel good about yourself than others sense that too and that makes everyone happier.

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