Dressing Up the Mom Uniform

Dear wise one,

I need serious help! I’ve been wrangled into being a liasion for a group of vendors at a “Holiday Expo” that my moms group has helped put together. Basically, I get to be the vendors’ bitch for the day: answering questions, giving directions, and bringing them whatever they need. I was originally supposed to man the registration desk for an hour, so I was just going to wear jeans and probably a turtleneck. Now that I have a more “important” job, I feel I should dress up a bit more. I’m a SAHM, so I live in jeans and turtlenecks and don’t know how to dress myself up prettily. HELP!


Brandi’s e-mail made me laugh out loud, both because “vendors’ bitch” is funny and because I was wearing a turtleneck and jeans when I read it. After all, that’s the Mom’s Cold Weather Uniform, isn’t it?

I think Brandi could start with this basic uniform–jeans and turtleneck–and build from there. She could add some great shoes, something with a little heel, and a jacket (right now I am in love with this one). She could also trade her turtleneck for a crew-neck or V-neck sweater and pop a jacket over that.

A second option would be a cute skirt and some great boots; Brandi could wear her denim skirt (Brandi, do you have a denim skirt?) and a pretty sweater, or she could opt for a nicer skirt–silk or wool–with her jean jacket. She should go with something comfortable, as it sounds like she will be to-ing and fro-ing for the vendors. Brandi can also think about some fun jewelry; Target has some really cool things (earrings! and necklaces! for under $20.00!).

For more inspiration, take a look at the Harold’s web site; click the “Outfit Options” tab and browse away! Harold’s mixes and matches beautiful basic pieces that you probably have in your own closet, and it’s always helpful to look at a whole ensemble together. Plus, they have a lovely taffeta cocktail skirt for a little less than $600.00.


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