Hi Susan,

Yes, my problem does require 3 exclamation points. I have a wedding to go to on January 13th and I don’t know what to wear. The biggest issue is that this is a wedding of the year that will have full media coverage, several celebrities and a lot of plastic surgery induced fugures and models walking around. Just enough stuff to make me want to hide in a corner and not be noticed. I don’t want to go, but it cannot be helped since the celebrity that is getting married is one of my hubby’s biggest clients. The night ceremony will be in a church and the reception is a cocktail casino bit. I want to look nice, but not like I tried too hard. Do you know what I mean? Oh, and I have been on a diet and am losing weight so I am not really sure what size I will be by then. I am guessing an 8? (hopefully) I don’t want to spend too much money because I am hoping I will never have an occasion to have to wear such thing again. (I am a happiest in my birks type of girl) Please help! Maybe I should just send you a plane ticket to come down and here and shop with me :)


Oooh, red carpet wedding! How fun! We should all have to dress for somthing like this, once in our lives.

Wedding etiquette says, right off the bat, that Crystal should NOT wear white; however, she also needs something black tie (and red carpet) appropriate. On a budget! We can totally do that.

Crystal should choose something she would be able to wear again, if the opportunity arose (you never know, and it’s good to be prepared, as the Boy Scouts say). She also shouldn’t feel like she has to spend a fortune or bare all her assets (ahem) to look great at this function. Let’s look at three options, and then talk about where she might shop.

Option One: The Little Black Dress
The LBD is always appropriate, even for an after-five black tie function. Target currently has a terrific selection of little black dresses, all for under $50.00. I like this one quite a lot; it has that cool retro feel, and it comes in a variety of colors (including a lovely chocolate brown that would be a nice alternative for an evening wedding).

Isaak Mizrahi little black dress

Banana Republic has a similar look, for a little more money. Also in black AND brown.

Banana Republic little black dress

I may buy that for myself . . . wait, no, I don’t need a dress. Sigh. Moving on.

Option Two: The Evening Gown
Because the wedding is after five, it is entirely possible that Crystal may need a long dress; she should check with her husband and see if he has any sense of exactly how dressy this shindig is going to be. Is he wearing a tux? She might want to go with a full length gown.

Again, Target has some great affordable options for full-length evening gowns, although these are all web-only, which makes trying them on a problem. If Crystal decides to order a dress, I suggest she read the customer reviews, paying particular attention to issues of sizing; I also suggest, if it’s possible, that she order more than one size and try them all on.

If that seems like a hassle, she can look somewhere like Ann Taylor; she will still have to order the dress, but she can go to the store and work with the salespeople to get a good sense of what size she needs. Plus, it’s the end of the year so all sorts of things are on sale! Always good.

Option Three: Skirt and Blouse
Crystal’s final option is separates; she can pair a beautiful blouse with a long skirt. This is my preferred black tie uniform; I have a long black taffeta skirt that goes with a variety of tops. Once again, Ann Taylor comes through, with a beautiful ball skirt, ON SALE.

Crystal can pair this skirt with basically anything (remember Sharon Stone and the infamous black Gap tee?). I like the idea of a wrap shirt, but a beaded sweater or a silk halter would also be lovely.

Or you could do the Gap tee. I totally would.

Finally, Crystal should explore her local consignment shops; consignment is a great place to look for formal wear. She can also scout bridal shops for sample sales, although that’s a little more hit-or-miss. She should think about something that she could wear again (and have altered, if need be, to acommodate any weight loss). If she’s really NOT going to wear the dress again, she can sell it at consignment after the wedding (although I suggest she hang on to it, because YOU NEVER KNOW).

No matter what Crystal wears, she should choose something that she is comfortable in, because that will make her the most beautiful. And then she should send me pictures so we can ALL see how pretty she looks.


5 responses to “HELP!!!

  1. Thank you so much. I am not sure which route I am going to wear yet, but all your suggestions look so lovely. I espcially like the chocolate browns, as that is my favorite color to wear! I definitely will post a picture and hopefully can be one of your success cases to help you raise funds to promote your blog for the fashion impaired :) Should I take a before and after?

  2. Oh, go for the Banana Republic dress! Stunning!

  3. Is it me or is the banana republic dress gone from the site? :(

  4. Totally digging the ‘little brown dress’! Way to break the mold a bit. :-)

  5. I personally love retro anything including retro fashion. Thanks for the post.

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