A Stylish New Year to All

Yes, I know it’s January 4th; I’m a little slow out of the starting gate this year, and it’s not because I had one too many martinis. One of my children was sick over the winter break, and he oh-so-nicely shared his germyness with me. And now I’m having a hard time holding myself upright.

So! Happy New Year!

In lieu of proper style recommendations, let me just point out that January is Winter Sale Month across our great nation. This year, stores are jam-packed with winter coats; the freakishly warm winter has caused coat sales to grind to a halt (I am absolutely serious). If you need a new winter coat–even if you’re convinced you won’t wear it THIS winter–now is the time to buy. I recommend something in a neutral color (black or tan or brown) and a classic cut (this year the belted trench was huge, as were three-quarter length coats with Empire waists, which are flattering on everyone). A shorter jacket or car coat, one that hits right at the hip, rather than the knee, is also a good investment for casual day dressing.

Already have a good neutral winter coat? Think about adding something in a bright color, or something with some eclectic details (fur collar, bracelet-length sleeves–or maybe even a print!). This is the year, I’m telling you–coats everywhere! On sale!

Let me also say that the post-holiday sales are a nice time to treat yourself to some new pajamas. Maybe it’s just the virus talking, but I am all about cozy sleepwear this week, and yesterday I picked up TWO pairs of pajamas at Old Navy for just over $20.00. I’m partial to the lounge-pants-and-a-tee sleep ensembles, but I’ve also seen some cute nightgowns on sale, as well as things that are more properly labelled “lingere.”

Just remember: no one wants to see your underwear over the top of your jeans, no matter HOW pretty it is.

Happy New Year!


4 responses to “A Stylish New Year to All

  1. I am glad I read this. I am going shopping on Sat. for a casual coat. I have found myself without a nice casual coat to wear everyday with jeans.

    I have a question: What do you think of a cape? I own a cape, but am never sure when to wear it. I, usually, wear it when we get dressed up. Can I wear casually?


  2. Oooh, cape! How fun! My mother-in-law gave me a hooded shawl for Christmas, and I’ve been pondering the options for casual wear.

    I think you absolutely CAN wear the cape casually, as long as we’re talking a kind of spiffed-up casual (not yoga pants and athletic shoes). I’m thinking that I will wear my shawl with a pair of long jeans and heels, or with my skinny jeans and some ballet flats. Pair the cape with pretty shoes, something a little bit dressy (not loafers or Crocs–god, just stay away from the Crocs in general, please). You could also wear your cape with with nice wool trousers for a great casual look.

    A cape! I love it.

  3. Thank you for saying no to Crocs. Seriously- plastic/rubber shoes? Gross.

  4. To your last statement about underwear and jeans…thank goodness somebody finds this to be a problem! Please, wear a belt.

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