Facing the Day, the Frugal Way

It’s Friday, so let’s have a little quiz.

1. How many products do you use on your skin on a normal day?

2. How many of them are from high-end cosmetic lines?

The right answers, according to an article in yesterday’s New York Times, should be NO MORE THAN THREE and NONE.

Despite what the fine people at your department store cosmetics counter (or your friend the Arbonne sales rep) tells you, less is more when it comes to skin. The basic routine, according to dermatologists, should consist only of cleanser and sunscreen; if needed, you can add a third product that targets specific problems like acne or wrinkles.

In addition, the dermatologists interviewed by the Times saw NO advantage in buying high-end face creams and cleansers. One doctor recommended Cetaphil face wash, for example, which is available at your local drugstore for about the cost of two fancy Starbucks coffees.

The key to beautiful, healthy skin comes down to this: ALWAYS remove your makeup at night and ALWAYS wear sunscreen. You can tweak your own routine to adjust for variations in climate or compensate for your personal skin issues; I use a face wash specifically designed for acne-prone skin, as well as an eye cream for my laugh lines (both are made by Neutrogena). In the coldest winter months, I add a light moisturizer at bedtime. I wear sunscreen EVERY SINGLE DAY, rain or shine, winter and summer.

After all, beauty may be only skin deep, but who doesn’t want beautiful skin? Particularly when it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.


6 responses to “Facing the Day, the Frugal Way

  1. Hmm. Is this including make-up as the three products or not? Because if it is limited to face-wash and things like that, three is pretty easy to not go over. And NONE is right.. who can afford to blow tons of cash on expensive brand name foam that does the same as OTC stuff?

  2. Good question, Shelby–the answer is no, makeup is NOT included in the NO MORE THAN THREE guidelines. In fact, one of the dermatologists interviewed in the Times article points out that makeup is just that–it’s NOT a skin treatment. Foundation with an SPF in it, for example, is NOT a substitute for sunscreen, because you don’t get enough coverage (sunscreen needs to go EVERYWHERE, even on your EARS for you girls with short hair) and because foundation is designed to sit on top of your skin, rather than be rubbed in, so it tends to slide around.

    Go for broke with the makeup, but keep the other products to a minimum.

  3. 1. oil of olay cleanser for face (usually just use it in the shower)

    2. oil of olay daily renewal lotion

    3. tinted moisterizer with 15 spf (ok, this is sort of make-up since it’s used instead of foundation) – and this is from bobbie brown. splurg-ey.

    * At night I just use one of those pre-moistened ponds cleansing cloths to take my makeup off.

  4. I haven’t tried the Cetaphil Cleanser, but I *love* their moisturizer for my super sensitive, super dry, eczema prone face. I was using Olay moisturizer, but then I got pregnant and it started giving me a rash, but then again, so did plain old water (that problem has thankfully gone away)

  5. Thank you dani! I was beginning to think I was the only woman who used the pre-moistened ponds cleansing cloths at night. I’ve mentioned the fact that I use them to several women who just stare blankly at me – never heard of them. They are a godsend in my book. I keep them on my nightstand.

  6. 1.Clean & Clear pillowy dual sided texture thingys
    2.Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer (Days or Pms nights)
    3.Olay Night Cream (Non PMS / Super Cold nights)

    I do cop to using Cover Girl Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer during the day with SPF 15 and since it is CHIEFLY a moisturizer it does get rubbed in. Plus it is super sheer and nobody can tell you have it on but they DO notice you look good. Big points.

    No Fancy Schmancy stuff for me…

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