It’s Saturday Night, and I’m Wearing My Yoga Pants

I’ve been sick this week, and all I’ve really wanted to wear are my pajamas. Unfortunately, I’ve also had to drive the kids to school and go to the grocery and get a haircut, so I was forced to put real clothes on.

These are the times I am thankful for yoga pants. They’re just like pajamas, but you can wear them out of the house! As long as you follow a few simple rules, that is.

Gaiam yoga pants
Gaiam, $52.00

1. Yoga pants are the new sweats; you can wear them pretty much anywhere, even if you’ve never done a Down Dog in your life. However, the general acceptability of yoga pants doesn’t extend to crappy sweatpants. Do not, under any circumstances, buy those polyester-blend sweatpants with the elastic at the ankles. Just thinking about them makes me itch. Get yourself some proper yoga pants, or at least some sweats with wide legs.

2. Only wear sweats or yoga pants that fit PROPERLY. Pants with a drawstring waist can be more forgiving across the backside than those with an elastic waist. Be honest with yourself, and choose wisely. No one should be able to tell what brand of underwear you are wearing under your yoga pants.

3. Yoga pants need athletic footwear–sneakers of some sort, or flip flops if you must, but not in the dead of winter, unless you live in California or you’ve just had a pedicure. Although I am compelled to add that I know a VERY hip woman who wears her leopard-print Dansko clogs with her yoga pants, and it looks hott. But please, don’t try to dress your sweats up with some cute ballet flats. Just don’t.

4. Do not wear your husband’s university sweatshirt with your yoga pants, UNLESS he wears the same size you do AND you graduated from said university recently. Like this year. Oversize sweatshirts will make even the tiniest woman look huge. Wear a hoodie or sweatshirt that fits properly, one that hits at your hip and doesn’t balloon out at the waist.

5. As with everything else in your closet, get rid of your yoga pants and sweats when they start to look worn. I can guarantee that the ONE day you run to the grocery in the pants with the hole in them, you will run into someone you really want to impress. Don’t take chances.

Wear your yoga pants wisely. And comfortably!


6 responses to “It’s Saturday Night, and I’m Wearing My Yoga Pants

  1. I love yoga pants, but have such a difficult time finding them in petites. Do you know of any such place?

  2. boogiemum — try Victoria’s Secret!

    I’ve never bought their yoga pants, but they offer short lengths, and seem to have a sale on them right now!

  3. Good work, Merry!

  4. I’m short — I keep an eye out for these things!

  5. ooh! check out lucy! they have great pants in lengths. for shorties or tall.

  6. Thank you!!! Just what I needed.

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