Leggings: Yea or Nay?

Hi Susan!

I have a question for Friday Style.

I am 35 and I love the leggings/mini look. It might be my love of all things ’80s clouding my judgement, but I really do think it is sassy.

Question – is it TOO sassy for a 35-year-old SAHM?



In general, I have serious reservations about leggings, for any reason, on ANYONE, regardless of age or job status. However, not too long ago, I met Wade for lunch at a cool bistro near us, the kind of place where the Beautiful People eat, and there was a lovely woman, probably in her forties, wearing the leggings-and-skirt look, and totally working it. She had on a longish V-neck sweater over a scoop necked tee; her skirt was an a-line jersy knit that hit just below her knees. Everything–sweater, tee, skirt, leggings–were in neutral tones of brown and taupe, which gave her a nice coherent line. She had on the most fantastic leopard ballet flats, too.

I think the keys to pulling off leggings and a skirt, if you are over, say, fifteen, are these: stick with neutral colors (no hot pink or lime green), keep the skirt length close to the knee (just below, for those of us over 30), and finish the look with some great shoes.

There’s a fine line between sassy and country, and as we’ve all learned from Britney Spears, the latter is not a look any of us wants to cultivate. Amy should avoid micro minis, denim anything, skirts with a ragged hemline, heels, and unnaturally bright colors. She should keep in mind that this is a VERY casual look, even though it includes a skirt; it’s best for running errands or weekend lounging.

Having said all that, I also need to say this: be wary of revisiting trends from your youth. Amy is an adorable 35-year-old SAHM, and VERY sassy, but I’m not convinced that leggings and a short skirt are actually going to up her sass factor. I think she could do just as well, if not better, with some great yoga pants or a cute embroidered skirt. Worn separately, of course.


One response to “Leggings: Yea or Nay?

  1. Thanks, Susan! I had a feeling that was the answer I was going to get. I like the idea of a swishy, jersey skirt with leggins in a neutral.

    I’ll avoid the hillybilly look at all costs, I promise!

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