Brushing Up on Beauty

I have a new favorite beauty tool: the foundation brush. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “I don’t need a brush for foundation! I don’t even WEAR foundation most of the time! Why would I want a special BRUSH for the foundation that I don’t even WEAR?” I’ll tell you why: because the foundation brush will make your face look flawless, even after too little sleep and too many martinis.

Or maybe that’s just me.

A foundation brush allows you to control how much foundation you put on and where you put it. It makes blending simple. It enables you to use every drop of foundation on your face, rather than losing some of it to a sponge or your fingers. It keeps you from contaminating either your foundation or your face with germs from your hands.

My routine is this: I shake my foundation and then take the top off; typically, I use just the foundation that has settled in the cap, but if I need more I can repeat the process. I start with my T-zone (nose, forehead, chin, in that order) and then move on to my undereyes and cheeks, if needed. I wear a mid-weight foundation, and I find that the coverage with the brush is lighter than it is when I use my fingers.

Use gentle, semi-circular strokes to blend foundation; blend the edges completely. Wash your brush with a mild soap (I use baby soap) immediately after EVERY use. Air dry.

Choose a brush with synthetic bristles; natural bristles, which are terrific for powder brushes, will soak up your foundation. This will keep you from getting good coverage AND will make the brush a bitch to clean.

Because you’re looking for a synthetic brush (and not one made of, say, the hairs of rare Persian goats) you can find one for not a lot of money. I have this one, from Target, and I love it.

Sonia Kashuk foundation brush
Sonia Kashuk for Target, $9.99

Target carries a second, slightly more expensive line of brushes made by Sonia Kashuk; the foundation brush in that line will set you back about $18.00. Still a deal.

I have a powder brush that I bought at The Body Shop probably ten years ago (I KNOW!) and it’s still in great shape. Their brushes are a little more expensive, but well worth the money. I wash my brush every week or so, with baby shampoo, and it has held up nicely. They also carry a lovely synthetic foundation brush.

Body Shop foundation brush
The Body Shop, $22.50

Finally, if you want to touch a whole bunch of brushes before you decide, Sephora has a nice selection of foundation brushes, all priced at about $30.00.


5 responses to “Brushing Up on Beauty

  1. the new site looks nice!

  2. Also, for the total bargain shoppers out there, check out E.L.F. cosmetics and their brushes
    priced at only a dollar each, they’re a steal and I have been very satisfied with them. You can also find some of their cosmetics at Target stores, also for a dollar. I love their powder and foundation, it has a wonderful light citrus fragrance.

  3. Rachel! Good work!

  4. Susan, is the brush specifically labeled to be a foundation brush? Is it pretty much like a powder brush?

  5. Good question, Jeana. Yes, foundation brushes are specifically labeled, and yes, they are different from powder brushes (the bristles are more tightly packed, more like a paintbrush).

    Don’t use a powder brush for foundation, and vice versa. Get a real foundation brush. You won’t regret it.

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