I Ask, YOU Answer

I’m in a bit of a fashion rut these days, probably because we’ve had terrible weather for weeks and it has really limited what I can wear (pants, warm sweater, L. L. Bean boots–repeat, repeat, repeat). But now the ice is melting and I’m looking forward to a day when I will NOT need snow boots to go out of the house, and I find myself wondering . . .

Fishnet stockings: yea or nay?

I’m thinking a small fishnet pattern, worn with a knee-length black wool skirt and some tall boots.

29 November 2006
AK Anne Klein iflex boots

Could I wear them for, say, coffee with a friend? lunch with my husband? carpool at my son’s Catholic preschool? parent-teacher conference?

Or is it just too much for an almost-40 mom of two?


11 responses to “I Ask, YOU Answer

  1. Ok so maybe not for the carpool. Definitely for the lunch with your husband, fishnets should make any man happy. Coffee with a friend depends on the friend and how dressed up they would be in that situation. So yes to the fishnets,its all dependant on the location and occasion!

  2. Ok, so maybe I’m a little old-fashioned… or maybe a little too uptight, but I just don’t know about the fishnets. And I did just read somewhere (InStyle? People Style Watch?) that they are on the outs. My mother-in-law (yes, you heard me right) was into them for a while (she’s French and does a lot of dancing… latin, ballroom etc.) and she’s already over them. I suppose they could probably still be pulled off but I still can’t get that image of britney and paris both wearing them on one leg.

  3. Worn as you describe (which means very little of the fishnet would be showing anyway), I say YES to casual situations, probably excluding school. If leopard print is still good, so are fishnets. And darling, it doesn’t matter how old you are if you look good.

  4. YES! YES! and YES! Fishnets are a dangerous and necessary Woman Weapon. A little peek of the ‘nets between serious skirt and sexy boots is killer. And so you’re “almost 40”? Really, do you want to lock away your funky-sexy now? Please don’t. Be that woman who gets a raised eyebrow and is daring and delicious. Wear them whenever you want.

  5. I say no to fishnets. I think they are on their way out.
    I also think that it is much better to look classy-sexy than to look trashy-sexy.

  6. AZ actually hit on what I now realize is the deal breaker for me: I don’t know that I want to be wearing ANYTHING that would call up images of Britney and Paris partying.

    Still mulling. More opinions?

  7. I say, not a clue whether they’re in or not; nor what else is in. That’s why I come here!

    The only advice I can give you is that, for a private lunch with the hubby (or dinner, snack, or afternoon delight) they never go out of style.

  8. I think the key is how much of the fishnets are showing. The tall boots and knee-length skirt would show only a bit of the stockings, as opposed to say, high heels and a mini skirt. I think what you don’t want is an expanse of fishnet-covered leg.

    But, I have no idea if they’re still ‘in’.

  9. Small black fishnets look intriguing while seen through a great peep-toe high heel- just make sure your toes are painted. Also, nude fishnets are great too. Understated sexiness.

  10. There are some really small fishnets that work very easily, it has a lighter black thread. I sometimes on a casual friday will wear the dark fishnets (as you have seen) http://www.flickr.com/photos/59708364@N00/302020144/ but it calls for a very longish sassy skirt to go with it. I agree completely with Mandi – the nude fishnets are great – especially because hose is just too business sometimes, but it is cold still.

  11. Yes! But the skirt should hit on or just below the knee, not above (except maybe with the husband). You can also try non-black fishnets; I often wear flesh/tan fishnets as a subtle and cool alternative to bare legs or flesh tights. I think the rule is – the finer the fishnet, the classier the look – think those 3″ stripper nets for an extreme example at the other end.

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