In the Navy

It’s time to start thinking about what’s hot for summer–you know, while it’s still cold and wintery. This spring, nautical is in, although I recommend you choose carefully, so that you don’t look like one of the Village people.

Just a suggestion.

Navy blue is big this spring, which is good because it’s a great neutral, and you can wear it now AND wear it later. Navy goes with lots of things–white and khaki are always good fallbacks, but you can also pair it with pink (I like something pale) or green (lime! seriously!) or red or . . . you get the idea.

So what are your options? Stick with basics: twinset, wide legged trousers, cute babydoll top.

JCrew twinset
J. Crew twinset; cardigan $39.50, shell $24.50

Gap, $39.50 (also available in navy)

Old Navy, $19.50

And I apologize if you find yourself singing this all day.


12 responses to “In the Navy

  1. Ok, is it just me, or do those Gap pants look like someone should have ironed them before the photo shoot? I still love them, mind you.

    I don’t know whether the nautical look is for me — I’ll end up in a wide sailor collar and one of those white navy hats.

  2. Kelly, I thought the same thing about the pants. They look better in navy, but I’m not savvy enough to lift that photo.

    Also, NO sailor collars unless you are under age four. And even then, I’m not entirely sold on the look.

  3. Susan- How do you feel about “sailor pants?” You know the ones, with the wide leg ones with buttons all over the front. I think that they are adorable, and have found some for cheap online, but am concerned that unless you have a flat, non-post-baby stomach, they are going to look pretty…well…crappy. Are they too trendy? What’s your opinion?

    And I agree, those poor pants need an iron. But, they are very cute (I actually have some which are similar.)

  4. Kate, I LOVE sailor pants. I think they’re a really interesting alternative to the usual flat-front chino. The line–flat front with buttons, wide legs–balance a post-baby body nicely.

    Try a mid-rise sailor pant with a longer tee, perhaps a boat-neck or something with a stripe (look, still nautical!). Or layer a shorter sweater over a longer tank or camisole, something to cover the space between the pants and the sweater.

    And I’m wondering why someone at that Gap photo shoot didn’t have a steamer . . .

  5. Kate! Look at these! Perfect.

  6. Susan- Perfect, as always! I love coming here. It’s one of the few non-work bookmarks I have.

  7. Aww, now I’m blushing. Thanks, Kate!

  8. I want to go there with you Susan, I really do. The idea of planning my summer wardrobe is so appealing. But I have to leave the office early so I don’t get caught in the blizzard heading our way.

    Some of us are still stuck in the LL Bean boots.

  9. Oh, Pamela! I hear you.

    Stay warm, and remember: spring is coming. Soon, I hope.

  10. Don’t you find it difficult to find navy shoes? I have great navy sailor pants, a wonderful navy skirt, and zero navy shoes! So, can you bring yourself to wear navy with black shoes, or do you have a great tip for shoes? (silly question, of COURSE you do!!)

  11. You know what? I think we need a WHOLE new post about sailor pants. And shoes!


  12. I’m thinking that if the Gap fancy-pants people can’t keep their (adorable) pants wrinkle-free, I don’t have a chance in …..


    Loved the twinset. I LOVE twinsets, but I’m always annoyed when they are priced separately because if I’m wearing it together most of the time, I want ONE.PRICE.

    It’s easier to spend lots of money that way, anyway. Two medium price things seem like spending more than one big price thing.

    And there we go… women’s justification at its finest, friends.

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