Real People, Real Fashion

Here at Friday Style, we are all about real fashion for real people, practical clothes for your everyday life. But something is missing.

We need to see what real people are REALLY wearing.

I’m happy to show you what I have on, but I’m just one woman with one (very small) closet (filled almost entirely with things from the Gap and J. Crew). I also wear a specific size and have specific tastes and a specific lifestyle and . . .

You get the idea.

I get most of my personal inspiration from women I see during my day, at the coffee shop and the bookstore and in the carpool line. I’m always asking complete strangers where they shop, which totally embarasses my husband. But fashion magazines are so disconnected from my actual, two-kids-and-a-mortgage lifestyle that it’s often impossible to translate those trends into something that works for me.

So now I want to know what YOU are wearing.

Send me a photo of yourself; tell me where you’re going and why you chose this outfit and what you love about this particular look. On Wednesdays we’ll take a look at real people and their real fashion choices. Perhaps I will even show you what I have on. Maybe.

Send photos to fridayplaydate at cox dot net. And thank you!


4 responses to “Real People, Real Fashion

  1. I love, love, love this idea!! I can’t wait to see!

  2. Laurie! Don’t just wait, send a photo!

    Come on, you KNOW you want to.

  3. So not gonna happen! That’s why I come here—to LEARN fashion tips. I was contemplating it until you said “why you love this particular look”. I can’t think of a single thing/outfit I own that I love and would want to show off. It’d more be a great episode of What NOT to Wear!

  4. Laurie, we could do that too . . .

    But there’s no $5,000.00 Visa card. Just so we’re clear on that.

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