In the Navy (Again)

Last week, Julie stumped me.

“Don’t you find it difficult to find navy shoes? I have great navy sailor pants, a wonderful navy skirt, and zero navy shoes! So, can you bring yourself to wear navy with black shoes, or do you have a great tip for shoes? (silly question, of COURSE you do!!)”

Well NOW I do.

Let’s start with this: don’t wear black shoes with navy pants. Or navy anything, for that matter. Under the right circumstances, black and navy can be hip and edgy together (a navy cocktail dress with a black sash, for example) but for everyday choose one or the other.

I would also suggest that Julie steer clear of navy shoes with navy skirts and pants; this is a little too monochromatic, even for me (and I love that whole long, lean line thing). Think about shoes in colors that compliment the navy–brown or cream, for example, or an animal print. Julie could pair her navy sailor pants with a great pair of python ballet flats, which are decidedly NOT blue but which will spice up her look considerably. She could wear a navy skirt with a pair of crocodile pumps, or python slingbacks. And of course, leopard is always acceptable with navy blue.

Not much of an animal print person? What about plaid? Or maybe a vintage Pucci-inspired print? J. Crew has some wonderful fabric ballet flats for spring, in a variety of colors and prints. How cute would these be, with the sailor pants and a boatneck white tee?

So. Cute.

J. Crew ballet flats
J. Crew flats in Honeycomb, $118.00

Finally, casual navy pants and skirts look great paired with metallic sandals, in either a flat or a heel. I have a pair of silver flip flops (but mine came from SuperTarget, not J. Crew).

But if you DO have navy shoes, what do you wear THEM with? Well, what would you wear your navy twinset with? Think about brown or khaki or white pants and skirts. Or grey! Anything but black and brown.

Finally, sites like Zappos and Nordstrom allow you to search by color; use this feature to explore your options.

Then send me a photo of yourself in your great navy pants. Please.


6 responses to “In the Navy (Again)

  1. I’m so glad someone asked about navy clothes! I have a related question. I have a very cute navy wool skirt that is such a cute cut and hits just below the knee and this is the perfect time to wear it BUT I have no idea what to wear on my exposed legs. It’s too cold to go without tights or nylons, but what color? Sorry to hijack the post!

  2. Mary, do you have some brown boots? Wear them with navy or brown tights, or sheer stockings.

    Or wear brown shoes (pumps, flats) with sheer stockings, or with brown tights which would give you a nice long line, as long as the browns are essentially the same (both chocolate, say, rather than a chocolate tight and a tan shoe). I would steer clear of navy tights, EXCEPT with boots, or you will look like a schoolgirl.

    Finally, if you want to do a patterned or obviously textured shoe (the python, for example) choose a sheer stocking, something that will not compete with the pattern on the shoe.

    Now send me a picture of your skirt!

  3. Oh I loove those ballet flats. Sooo cute!
    My problem is I feel I am too short for flat shoes. I’m almost 5’5″ which I know isn’t super short but I feel like flats make me stumpy! :o)

  4. “Think about brown or khaki or white pants and skirts. Or grey! Anything but black and brown.”

    This confused me. Can you wear them with brown? Are you saying wear them with brown but not if your outift has both black and brown in it?

  5. Oh, Jeana, I think what I’m really saying is that I should have had more coffee before I wrote this.

    It should have said “anything but black and navy.”

    So sorry. Also, good reading!

  6. Very Informative and nice site for pumps shoes.. Good Job

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