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In the Navy (Again)

Last week, Julie stumped me.

“Don’t you find it difficult to find navy shoes? I have great navy sailor pants, a wonderful navy skirt, and zero navy shoes! So, can you bring yourself to wear navy with black shoes, or do you have a great tip for shoes? (silly question, of COURSE you do!!)”

Well NOW I do.

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I Ask, YOU Answer

I’m in a bit of a fashion rut these days, probably because we’ve had terrible weather for weeks and it has really limited what I can wear (pants, warm sweater, L. L. Bean boots–repeat, repeat, repeat). But now the ice is melting and I’m looking forward to a day when I will NOT need snow boots to go out of the house, and I find myself wondering . . .

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About the Bling

Hi Susan –

As I was muddling through my jewelry box this morning, confused as usual, I had an epiphany: Susan could help me; must ask Susan.

So here it is: how do you know what length necklace to wear with what neckline? I have a scoop neck, 3/4 length sleeve sweater. The neckline has three small pleats. Do I wear a necklace that falls above or below the neckline? What about button down shirts? Above or below? I like wearing long necklaces, but how long is too long? My longest ends a few inches above my belly button – is this too hippy-like for the office?

Thanks for your help.


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Leggings: Yea or Nay?

Hi Susan!

I have a question for Friday Style.

I am 35 and I love the leggings/mini look. It might be my love of all things ’80s clouding my judgement, but I really do think it is sassy.

Question – is it TOO sassy for a 35-year-old SAHM?



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No Muumuus. Ever.

Dear Fashion Guru,

I recently began reading your blog and let me tell you, you have given my wardrobe the shot in the arm that it’s needed for quite some time. Thank you for telling all the mommies out there that we don’t have to wear the mommy uniform!

I have a problem that I know you’ll be able to help me with. I am fairly average in height and weight, but all the fat in my body seems to congregate in my gut. I’ve always had a bit of a pot belly, but after having my daughter three years ago, my belly has taken on a more–shall we say–rotund appearance. Because this is the only place I carry weight, I am sometimes asked if I am pregnant. This is not the fashion statement I want to be making.

So here’s my question: Without resorting to a muumuu, what styles would best camouflage my belly?


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What To Wear To Work At Home

Hi Susan,

I’m a long-time reader of Friday Playdate; love the Friday Style idea. Here’s my dilemma, which is nearly the complete opposite of the at-home mom conundrum. I’ve worked for 25 years, in a profession where I dress in suits, or skirts and jackets, 5 days a week. Now, I’ve obviously been living right, because I have been given the opportunity to telework 3 days per week. At home! What could be better? Except I have no idea what to wear! My wardrobe for weekends is pretty sad, mostly jeans, shorts for summer, t-shirts. On the days I’m home, I’m likely to visit my son’s school, run errands, and generally see dozens of people I know in my small southern college town, so I’d really like to look at little better than weekend leaf-raking garb. Also, let’s face it, I’m not all that young any more for the jeans thing. I’m 48 (but a *young* 48, I have a 9-year-old, for crying out loud). Other data: I’m a curvy size 6, and have never really embraced chinos…they don’t do much for my small waist/larger hips. I live in the deep south.

Please help me figure out how to get out of my PJs!


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Hi Susan,

Yes, my problem does require 3 exclamation points. I have a wedding to go to on January 13th and I don’t know what to wear. The biggest issue is that this is a wedding of the year that will have full media coverage, several celebrities and a lot of plastic surgery induced fugures and models walking around. Just enough stuff to make me want to hide in a corner and not be noticed. I don’t want to go, but it cannot be helped since the celebrity that is getting married is one of my hubby’s biggest clients. The night ceremony will be in a church and the reception is a cocktail casino bit. I want to look nice, but not like I tried too hard. Do you know what I mean? Oh, and I have been on a diet and am losing weight so I am not really sure what size I will be by then. I am guessing an 8? (hopefully) I don’t want to spend too much money because I am hoping I will never have an occasion to have to wear such thing again. (I am a happiest in my birks type of girl) Please help! Maybe I should just send you a plane ticket to come down and here and shop with me :)


Oooh, red carpet wedding! How fun! We should all have to dress for somthing like this, once in our lives.

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