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In the Navy

It’s time to start thinking about what’s hot for summer–you know, while it’s still cold and wintery. This spring, nautical is in, although I recommend you choose carefully, so that you don’t look like one of the Village people.

Just a suggestion.

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What To Wear To Work At Home

Hi Susan,

I’m a long-time reader of Friday Playdate; love the Friday Style idea. Here’s my dilemma, which is nearly the complete opposite of the at-home mom conundrum. I’ve worked for 25 years, in a profession where I dress in suits, or skirts and jackets, 5 days a week. Now, I’ve obviously been living right, because I have been given the opportunity to telework 3 days per week. At home! What could be better? Except I have no idea what to wear! My wardrobe for weekends is pretty sad, mostly jeans, shorts for summer, t-shirts. On the days I’m home, I’m likely to visit my son’s school, run errands, and generally see dozens of people I know in my small southern college town, so I’d really like to look at little better than weekend leaf-raking garb. Also, let’s face it, I’m not all that young any more for the jeans thing. I’m 48 (but a *young* 48, I have a 9-year-old, for crying out loud). Other data: I’m a curvy size 6, and have never really embraced chinos…they don’t do much for my small waist/larger hips. I live in the deep south.

Please help me figure out how to get out of my PJs!


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A Stylish New Year to All

Yes, I know it’s January 4th; I’m a little slow out of the starting gate this year, and it’s not because I had one too many martinis. One of my children was sick over the winter break, and he oh-so-nicely shared his germyness with me. And now I’m having a hard time holding myself upright.

So! Happy New Year!

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Like the 1950s All Over (But Way Cooler)

I’m not much of a housewife, but I have to admit to having a soft spot for June Cleaver, vacuuming in her heels and pearls and perfectly ironed shirtdress. Also, I like the idea of the housewife meeting her husband at the door each night with a perfectly mixed martini. Apparently Ward didn’t work as late as my husband does, because by the time he gets home the martinis are all gone.

What? WHAT???

Let’s talk about June’s dress.

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What’s In YOUR Closet?

Sometimes, the hardest thing I do all day is get dressed. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but don’t tell me that you haven’t stood in front of the closet in your underwear, weighing the weather (cold? really cold? cold now but warmer later?) and your schedule (work at home, lunch with friends, meet with teacher of kid who is in trouble AGAIN) and your overflowing laundry basket (seriously, who wore all those clothes???) and thought “I just wish I didn’t have to THINK so hard about this!”

Wish granted.

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Let’s Talk About Pants

How long should one wear pants that are NOT long, ie. 7/8 or 3/4 or whatever. I once saw Trinny and Susannah on Oprah saying no one should ever wear 3/4 pants but they aren’t mothers with 2 kids, or maybe they are, but they aren’t me!!

So how do you work out the right length and width of pants that are long pants? Like gauchos etc. This question matters because I’m short and not stick thin, and don’t want to accentuate either of these issues.

I’m still dreaming of your green sparkly shoes….so good…and dreaming of the day Nordstrom, Jcrew and co all ship to Australia.


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All You Need is a Plan

Confession: this e-mail has been in my in box since October. OCTOBER! Good lord.

I am in my fifties, a plus size 18-20, (down from 24), trying to lose more weight. I teach high school English. I hate to shop. I’m on a limited budget. Most of my current wardrobe consists of hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law, which is very nice for my pocket book, but….she is 5’8″ tall, with long legs. I am 5’3″ with short legs. She is a natural redhead. I am a dishwater blonde.

And I hate to shop.

Did I mention I hate to shop?

Please tell me an easy way to update my look, without spending an arm and a leg, or having to spend days roaming the mall. Thanks!


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