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In the Navy

It’s time to start thinking about what’s hot for summer–you know, while it’s still cold and wintery. This spring, nautical is in, although I recommend you choose carefully, so that you don’t look like one of the Village people.

Just a suggestion.

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No Muumuus. Ever.

Dear Fashion Guru,

I recently began reading your blog and let me tell you, you have given my wardrobe the shot in the arm that it’s needed for quite some time. Thank you for telling all the mommies out there that we don’t have to wear the mommy uniform!

I have a problem that I know you’ll be able to help me with. I am fairly average in height and weight, but all the fat in my body seems to congregate in my gut. I’ve always had a bit of a pot belly, but after having my daughter three years ago, my belly has taken on a more–shall we say–rotund appearance. Because this is the only place I carry weight, I am sometimes asked if I am pregnant. This is not the fashion statement I want to be making.

So here’s my question: Without resorting to a muumuu, what styles would best camouflage my belly?


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What To Wear To Work At Home

Hi Susan,

I’m a long-time reader of Friday Playdate; love the Friday Style idea. Here’s my dilemma, which is nearly the complete opposite of the at-home mom conundrum. I’ve worked for 25 years, in a profession where I dress in suits, or skirts and jackets, 5 days a week. Now, I’ve obviously been living right, because I have been given the opportunity to telework 3 days per week. At home! What could be better? Except I have no idea what to wear! My wardrobe for weekends is pretty sad, mostly jeans, shorts for summer, t-shirts. On the days I’m home, I’m likely to visit my son’s school, run errands, and generally see dozens of people I know in my small southern college town, so I’d really like to look at little better than weekend leaf-raking garb. Also, let’s face it, I’m not all that young any more for the jeans thing. I’m 48 (but a *young* 48, I have a 9-year-old, for crying out loud). Other data: I’m a curvy size 6, and have never really embraced chinos…they don’t do much for my small waist/larger hips. I live in the deep south.

Please help me figure out how to get out of my PJs!


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