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Change is Good

Friday Style is relocating!

This site will stay up, with archives and comments, but new posts will be here.

As always, thank you for your support!


Here’s a Tip

Dear Susan,

I have a style emergency.

I don’t understand the tipping rules for salon owners anymore.

Growing up in Oklahoma, I was always told, both by women who knew what they were talking about and by salon owners themselves, that you never, ever tip the salon owner. One salon owner told me that it was actually an insult to offer the salon owner a tip, like you’re not acknowledging his status as Head Stylist or something.

Then 20 years went by, and I moved 800 miles northeast, and these days, at least where I live, I’ve heard that salon owners expect to be tipped. At one very trendy place where I got the WORST haircut of my life from the salon owner, the snotty purple-haired receptionist even asked me how much of a tip I wanted to leave!

So now I really, really need a haircut, and I want to go to a stylist who did a great job the last time he cut my hair (a couple of years ago), but I haven’t gone back because I don’t know whether I’m supposed to tip him or not, and I don’t want to either a) offend him;
or b) look like a rube–either by tipping or NOT tipping.


Befuddled in Buffalo

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I’ll Tell You What To Buy, and Clairol Will Pay For It

You all know that I’m full of advice about what to wear and where to shop for it. But I draw the line and actually FUNDING your shopping.

Until now.

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It’s Saturday Night, and I’m Wearing My Yoga Pants

I’ve been sick this week, and all I’ve really wanted to wear are my pajamas. Unfortunately, I’ve also had to drive the kids to school and go to the grocery and get a haircut, so I was forced to put real clothes on.

These are the times I am thankful for yoga pants. They’re just like pajamas, but you can wear them out of the house! As long as you follow a few simple rules, that is.

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A Stylish New Year to All

Yes, I know it’s January 4th; I’m a little slow out of the starting gate this year, and it’s not because I had one too many martinis. One of my children was sick over the winter break, and he oh-so-nicely shared his germyness with me. And now I’m having a hard time holding myself upright.

So! Happy New Year!

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